The life of a single parent

I have always dreaded ending up as a single mom, and I can’t believe it has happened. My husband died in a car accident, and now I am left with two small children to look after, and precious little support. My family is trying to help as best as they can, but they have their own commitments. I had to give up my job to look after the children, and I really think that there should be more support for moms like me, i have started a small campaign on Orpington escorts. As I gave up my job, I have to wait to claim certain benefits, but what else could I have done. Looking after two young children, 4 and 6, and holding down a full-time job just isn’t possible. I will not receive any money until the case go through court as the driver of the car that killed my husband was drunk. Money, money… where is it all going to come from? I am broke.


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Most of the time you end up as a single mom through no fault of your own. Single motherhood is particularly difficult to cope with when you have lost your husband through an accident. You may end up having to wait for a case to go through court if the police is involved, and then it takes time to get a pay-out. What do you do in the meantime, and how are young going to manage if you have to give up your job? There are some helpful sites like Orpington escorts but it is still so difficult.

Thriftiness seems to be a bit of a buzz word at the moment, but it is often easier said than done. Daily living costs are very high, and you may have to make many sacrifices to make ends meet. Budgeting and financial planning will take on a whole new meeting, and you may even find it difficult to pay your bill.

If you are finding it hard to deal with utility bills, you need to contact the utility companies straight away. They have an obligation to help you, and are not allowed to cut you off if you have young children. Citizen’s Advice Bureau will be able to give you excellent advice.

Credit card debt can become a problem as well. You may have to pay for funeral costs, and if you don’t have funds available, you are sometimes forced to use your credit card. This is perhaps surprisingly a very common cause for credit card debt after a death in the family. Once again, contacting the company will help and they should offer you a payment plan which suits your budget.

Food shopping is very expensive despite supermarket price wars. If, you don’t have very much of an income, you need to see how you can save money on supermarket shopping. One way to save money is to switch to supermarket’s own brand, or try one of the discount stores such as Aldi and Lidl.

Childcare is often the biggest expense for many single moms, and sometimes the costs of childcare can outstrip the costs of holding down a job. You end up applying for income support and help with expenses. According to one senior UK High Court Judge, more single women who have lost their partner through tragic circumstances, find it difficult to get government support. Money seems to be available for single parents who claim for other circumstances, but single moms who have lost their partner in an accident often have to wait. It doesn’t seem right somehow.