Surrogacy in the making

A friend of mine who works for Paddington escorts agency would like to become a surrogate for her sister in law who can’t have a baby. Her sister in law is refusing to consider adoption, and this has lead Janet to consider becoming a surrogate. Janet has been a really successful escort, and worked for a VIP Paddington escorts agency for the last few years, a but would now like to retire. I can understand that Janet would like to retire but I don’t think that Janet has thought through this issue. It is a nice idea on the face of it, but should Janet really go down this path.

Janet is part of our Paddington escorts Thursday lunch crown, and this Thursday we all ended up talking about it. It was rather an emotional moment for all of us, and the restaurant owners wondered why is favourite Paddington escorts were crying a bit. Janet feels that she would really like to go ahead with the surrogacy but the rest of us all urge caution. She would in fact, if her brother’s sperm is used, be giving birth to a very close relative. It may not have the best outcome, and I am not sure that the doctors would allow it. There is a very high risk of birth defects.

And like one of the Paddington escorts said; how would Janet feel about the baby once it has been born. Would she in fact be able to let go and give it to her sister in law? That is a really good question, and the jury is still out on that one. I don’t think, and many of the other Paddington escorts, felt the same way, that they would be able to give the baby up. It may legally belong to someone else, but does it emotionally belong to them.

All of us would like Janet to see a doctor, or a person that specialize in this, to discuss the matter. I can see the scene now, half a dozen Paddington escorts piling into a doctor’s office to talk about surrogacy. That would be a scene and half. As a matter of fact, that brought myself and the rest of Paddington escorts back to real life and we realized how serious the situation was. Janet is desperate to help but at the end of the day, is this the right way to go about things?

I would personally love to have another baby, but I would not consider surrogacy at all. It is a huge emotional risk and I know that my husband would not even contemplate it. We have talked about another baby, but we haven’t taken it any further than that. The only thing that we would really consider it is adoption. Every time I go back to my husband’s native country, I look at all of the homeless children and think I could have that one and that one, but it would be a nightmare. Perhaps it would be nice if we all thought a bit more about the homeless children around the world…