Do I tell him about my fetish?

My boyfriend knows that I work for East London escorts, and to be fair, he is totally okay about that. However, I am not sure how he would feel about my fetish. Most of the time, I don’t tell my boyfriends about my fetish right away. Some of them don’t seem to mind, but I have had a few boyfriends who have run a mile when it comes to my fetish. They have not enjoyed it, and I guess it has something to do with losing control.

I do think that I might be a little bit on the kinky side, but at the end of the day, we all have our own dreams and fantasies when it comes to love and sex. My current boyfriend is a rather quiet guy and I am worried that he is not going to get turned on by me fascination for tying men up, and putting waist coats and a bow tie on them. Is that a strange fetish? Some of the guys I date at East London escorts just laugh at my little fetish, but some of my boyfriend don’t.

Where did my fetish come from? I don’t have an idea to be honest with you, but I can tell you how it got started. When I first moved to London, I used to take the Tube a lot and travel around London at the weekend. This was before I started my East London escorts career, and just enjoyed being in London. During this time, I noticed that a lot of guys seemed to like to wear bow ties, and before I knew it, I found that they turned me on.

Also, I noticed waist coats were popular at the time, and I got turned on when I went to a club with my friends from East London escorts, and the guys behind the bar, wore black waist coats and black trousers. One of the guys wore a pair of black hand cuffs, and I thought he was super sexy. When I looked a bit closer, I also noticed that he wore a black bow tie. That is how it all got started.

Of course, I don’t have to have a guy wear all of this stuff, but like I say to my best friend at East London escorts, it certainly helps when he does. I also like it when a guy wears an apron. That is really sexy as well, but of course, he should not wear anything under the apron. No I am not violent or anything like that, but I do enjoy my little fetish. I am sure that I can find a man who does not mind helping me with my little fetish. The right sexy guy is bound to be out there for me, and I cannot wait to meet him. When I do, have some special treats planned for him, and I hope that he is ready for a really good time with me.