Busy in Maidenhead

Today the Better Sex Guide is going to meet with a boss of a leading Maidenhead escorts agency like http://charlotteaction.org/maidenhead-escorts. Sometimes we forget about the escorts agencies immediately outside London. The Better Sex Guide thought it would be interesting to see if escorts agencies outside London face any particular challenges which may differ from challenges faced by London escort agencies. Escorting is now popular all over the United Kingdom and agencies are springing up in surprising location. Berkshire and Hampshire has during the spring seen a dramatic increase in escorting services. New agencies have opened up and we are also seeing more independent escorts.

Suzi from Maidenhead escorts services popped into see us here at the Better Sex offices in Chiswick for a casual chat. It was nice to see and to hear what she had to say about running escorting services in Maidenhead. Suzi has been running the agency for just over two years now, and she says they are getting a lot busier. Gents still date in central London before they come back to maidenhead but other gents have discovered the beauty of having a local escorts agency. It is more convenient for them and they find that they can come home from work and relax.

According to Suzi the biggest problem is that a lot of the girls who work for Maidenhead escorts services are very ambitious and would like to become central London escorts. They often start off their careers in places like Maidenhead and Newbury, and then try to find jobs in London. Suzi says that her biggest challenge is getting the girls to stay and work in Maidenhead. All of my girls are really good at their jobs and dedicated to their gents. This is a great asset to have and part of the reason so many central London agencies would like to employ them.

In the last couples of months Maidenhead escorts services have also set up their own duo dating teams. A lot of gents have asked for them Suzi says, so we decided to start two teams. The start was a bit slow but now both teams are very busy. It is a completely different ball games says Suzi, but I enjoy a challenge. Now, the teams work really well and the weekends can be very busy for them. I think it is important to keep up with new ideas, says Suzi.

In the autumn we are looking to add a dominatrix service as well. We will be the first Maidenhead escorts service to add a dominatrix but it is something which is now being requested a bit more frequently by local gents. If it was just out of town visitors who required the service, I would not have added it on, but since it is local gents, I am happy to do so. This means the service will be used on regular basis and will be an asset to our line of services not a burden. I am looking forward to the next year in business and I am sure we will do very well.